Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Nov 2016)

Hello again!

This month we saw continued progress on our first map sprite animation pass, and it’s looking like we’ll be done with the basic character classes soon! To put those animations to work, we’ve also added a new AI system that gives us a lot more control over missions and encounters. This new AI has already taught us some interesting lessons in combat strategy!

Following in last month’s footsteps, we’ll also be featuring another piece of worldbuilding content  this month.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25th Game Update

Greetings and Happy Halloween! We've pushed an update for Magicmaker containing bug fixes. This update also includes steam cloud save functionality, allowing your save files to go anywhere you do! Read on for the full notes.

Oct 25 2016 - Patch Notes


  • Target Dummies can now be raised to 100,000 health in New Game+
  • Crystal Ball spells have updated behavior for multi-hit effects- the projectile will choose a new homing target each time it hits an enemy.
  • Adjusted how knockback is processed, preventing the rapid accumulation of gravity-related momentum
  • Adjusted the spread pattern of Illusion Dust projectiles
  • Necrom-nomicon minion HP and damage is now calculated on projectile expiration instead of on-cast, allowing them to benefit from Chaos Butterfly and Extract of Monday materials properly
  • You can no longer finish the tutorial on New Game+ mode without collecting all your equipment
  • Goblin wizards are no longer immune to knockback
  • Improved clarity of some material tooltips 


  • Illusion Dust no longer stacks into negative damage or spellpower values in New Game+
  • Fixed a bug where Owlbear Trap/Siren Seafoam/Chaos Butterfly/Tonna Brick spells would have a life of their own and move in illogical ways
  • Fixed a bug where Illusion Dust robe projectiles could sometimes damage the player
  • Disabled the = debug key (it made a bunch of numbers appear)
  • Fixed a bug where goblin wizards would have some materials incorrectly set on the Goblin Revolution challenge
  • Fixed a bug where the gem ghost could get knocked out of the level bounds in the castle, preventing it from being collectable
  • Fixed a rare crash in the final battle
  • Fixed a bug where Fairy Wing/Optic Lens spells would hit an incorrect number of times.
  • Fixed a typo in the Halloween Quest


  • Magicmaker saves now use Steam Cloud Saving

Monday, October 24, 2016

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Oct 2016)


This past month we have been working on designing the UI elements in our next title, with extra focus on making the different pieces feel unique to what we are making while still clearly communicating information and ideas. Additionally, more work has been done on character animations, and they are looking fantastic.

Read on for more!

Monday, September 19, 2016

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Sep 2016)


This month, we've got more concept art to show! On the development side of things, we've continued working on map sprites and animations, as well as adding some proper UI elements. On the design side, more time has been put into establishing the locations and history of the important stories that take place in this exciting setting. We've even got flags for the different nations of the world! But today, we'd really like to focus on the Bards.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Aug 2016)

Hey everyone, Over the last month we worked primarily on two parts of our next game: outlining the story and establishing the animation pipeline for map sprites. Read on for the full rundown of this month's development!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Magicmaker August 20 2016 Update

Hello witches and wizards!

Magicmaker has been updated! Here's what we fixed:

 Aug 20 2016 - Patch Notes


  • Adjusted material tooltips for clarity and consistency
  • One-Sided Coin's explosion radius now scales with material grade and multiple copies of it.
  • One-Sided Coin's explosion damage now scales stronger with spellpower
  • Added options to adjust screen shake
  • When loading recipes containing an unavailable material grade, the next highest available grade will be slotted
  • Added secrets


  • Fixed a bug where Explosive Powder laser spells were doing 10x their intended damage
  • Fixed an issue where the Forest Boss's Pollen Laser would scale into negative values in NG+
  • Magic Boomerang robe effect will no longer knock back objects that are intended to be knockback immune
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Final Boss to despawn if knocked off screen
  • Bazel's Hourglass of Regret no longer warps the player through anti-teleport walls
  • Fixed a crash caused by charming goblin wizards using Illusion Dust
  • Fixed a bug where Extract of Monday's robe effect's damage was being multiplied in the Super Murderfest challenge
  • Fixed a crash on WINE on OS X
  • Fixed a typo in the Halloween Quest


  • Added screen shake intensity options

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What's Cooking at Tasty Stewdios? (Jul 2016)

Hey fans,

This month’s update is going to be going over the five playable races in our upcoming title, as well as their place within the world we are crafting. We’ve also got several pieces of concept art to show that demonstrate aspects of each race’s identity and culture. These are intended to show what a prototypical member of the species would look like, rather than any specific character or specific race/class combination.

You know the drill- all these pieces are concept art and are for direction and inspiration and subject to iteration.